A Smile for a Lifetime

Who doesn’t want a great smile? A lot of adults who had given up on ever having attractive, straight teeth are now finding their way to the orthodontist, thanks to recent technology that has made braces much less visible and much more comfortable.

While some adults simply want to improve their appearance, others are interested in correcting problems with their teeth or jaws that can cause real damage over time. Tooth decay, gum disease, early wear and tear – all can be a result of teeth and jaws that are not properly aligned.

A Smile for a Lifetime

Here are just a few of the reasons more adults are seeking the help of their orthodontist, often in tandem with their children:

  • To improve the aesthetics of your smile
  • To make it easier to keep crowded teeth clean and maintain healthy gums
  • To prevent abnormal wear of the tooth enamel
  • To establish a healthier, more functional bite
  • To help with TMD/TMJ pain and headaches in cases where the bite may be a contributing cause
  • To enable or enhance restorative work that may be necessary with your dentist, such as creating space for dental implants, aligning teeth prior to crowns, veneers or other cosmetic dentistry

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