FACE VALUE: How to Pay for Braces

Phase Two of the Orthodontic Journey: ‘Bracing’ for those teen years

Living life among pre-teens and teens can be quite an adventure, and with five children of our own, ranging from teen to toddler, my wife and I know that every day will bring new challenges – and opportunities — for years to come. We pray that we’ll always be ready for whatever comes our way. […]

Early Orthodontic Treatment: Phase One

In my last blog post, Early Orthodontic Treatment: A Message to Moms, I shared the importance – and benefits – of early examination around the age of seven, which helps my team and I at Schatz Orthodontics address the structure of the jaw and teeth while your child still has his or her primary, or […]

Early Orthodontic Treatment: A Message to Moms

Mom, I know that you well remember the many times you’ve lost sleep, and maybe shed a few tears of your own, soothing a teething infant. Or you’ve spent the day nursing a preschooler through a toothache or racing to the dentist after your child falls off the bike and chips a tooth. I really […]

Fluoride and Your Orthodontic Treatment

Our team at Schatz Orthodontics knows that there are many ways you can protect your pearly whites throughout your orthodontic treatment. If you follow the rules and brush your teeth twice a day, floss often, and protect your appliances from damage, you should have a successful treatment. But did you know there’s another way to […]

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