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Dr. Schatz Featured on Fox San Antonio, News Radio 1200 Am; Shares Concern Over Vaping And Oral Health

Dr. Schatz on Fox San Antonio

“It is worse than you might think and worse than many middle-school age kids and teens know,” Dr. Eric Schatz told anchors with KABB Fox San Antonio, May 24.

The Board Certified Orthodontist and owner at Schatz Orthodontics, based out of the Stone Oak area in San Antonio, was featured on the station’s midday show, recently, to talk about how vaping can affect orthodontic treatment and oral health in general.

You can watch the full news segment, here.

Recent reports show one in five high schoolers are vaping. Nearly five percent of middle schoolers have also tried vaping.

Dr. Schatz’s concern is that young people are reportedly less aware about the dangers of vaping especially when compared to smoking. Dr. Schatz believes sharing information and facts, especially with young people, is key.

“Vaping can actually speed up the movement of teeth,” said Dr. Schatz. He said nicotine, which is found in vaping devices, affects teeth movement. “You might think faster moving teeth sounds like a good thing, but with orthodontic treatment it can actually impact our treatment objectives negatively.”

Dr. Schatz shared details about other vape ingredients that can also be harmful to the gums, teeth, and mouth. One of these ingredients is a chemical which acts as a carrier agent. It can dry the mouth, ridding it of saliva, Dr. Schatz said. Saliva protects the teeth and gums by washing away food and bacteria.

Another harmful element found in e-cigarettes or popular vaping devices is vegetable glycerin. It has been shown to cause an increase in bacteria adhering to the teeth. “When you have soft enamel, more plaque, and more bacteria you have a recipe for tooth decay,” Dr. Schatz said.

Finally, the flavoring found in vaping devices, which Dr. Schatz fears is what is most enticing to teens, can soften the enamel of the teeth by 27-percent.

In the end, Dr. Schatz said, it simply does not make sense to vape if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment or have undergone treatment. “It’s counterproductive to having a healthy and beautiful smile. As an Orthodontist, I care about the health of your teeth and mouth long-term. I want my patients to have a beautiful and healthy smile for years to come.”


Dr. Schatz also talked with San Antonio News Radio 1200 AM WOAI about vaping. Since his appearances Dr. Schatz said he has had a patient approach him and share that he is currently trying to quit the habit.

Dr. Schatz can talk to patients about vaping and other habits that could be dangerous to oral health. If you would like Dr. Schatz to do so during your teen or middle-age patient’s upcoming visit, please let him know by shooting Schatz Orthodontics an email on our ‘Contact’ page.

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