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Is Your Child in Sports With Braces?

Child With Mouthguard for Sports

Countless teens undergo orthodontic treatment during middle school and high school. A large majority of these young patients are also athletes or involved in some level of sports. Whether you are in football, lacrosse or soccer, it is important to give your child the protection they need to prevent injury. When it comes to a mouth in braces, a custom mouthguard should be heavily considered.

Not only will a mouthguard protect your child’s expensive orthodontic treatment, but it will also shield their lips, cheek, tongue and other soft tissues from the painful impact of harsh metal brackets and wires. Getting hit in the mouth or suffering a bad fall with braces can easily lead to serious lacerations and even permanent scarring.

While there are certainly sports mouthguards that are made for braces, there are some significant advantages to choosing an athletic mouthguard from your orthodontist. These are mouthguards that are custom fabricated to fit comfortably while not interfering with their orthodontic treatment. You’ll find that custom mouthguards for braces can demand a higher upfront cost than store-bought options. However, the cost of what you are protecting is worth every penny.

Choosing A Mouthguard

Finding the right mouthguard means choosing one that does its job. First and foremost, it must fit comfortably. If the mouthguard doesn’t feel right in your child’s mouth, they are going to either avoid wearing it or have trouble keeping it inside their mouth during play. This can be distracting and ineffective.

Many teens find that the store-bought mouthguards designed for braces are quite bulky. This is due to the fact that the mouthguard is made larger to encompass the braces as well as the teeth. However, if it is too bulky, the mouthguard won’t fit naturally inside the lips, and your child won’t be able to wear it correctly for optimal protection. A custom mouthguard from your orthodontist can solve this issue.

Lastly, it is important to remember that your child’s teeth are constantly moving or shifting into place while wearing braces. For a OTC mouthguard, this could mean a decent fit at first but an uncomfortable fit two months down the road. A better approach to this would likely be to have your orthodontist make you a mouthguard that accounts for some of this teeth movement. This can give you a much longer return on your mouthguard investment.

Are you a parent that is shuffling orthodontist visits with sports practices? You may need to talk to us about getting an athletic mouthguard for your child in braces. Call Schatz Orthodontics. We take pride in creating beautiful smiles, and we welcome the opportunity to protect your child’s teeth during orthodontic treatment.

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