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Orthodontist in San Antonio Explains Impact of Misalignment on Health

orthodontist in San Antonio, TX, inspects female patient's teeth with diagnostic tools

In October, our orthodontist in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Eric Schatz, observes Orthodontic Health Month, a time to focus on improving our oral health through straightening teeth to enhance their appearance, function, and ease of cleaning. If you have alignment issues, it’s important not to ignore them. Misalignment can lead to other oral health issues.




Misalignment may lead to cavities in the most unsuspecting of ways. Because crooked teeth are infamously harder to properly clean and remove plaque from, bacteria are more likely to thrive and eat away at tooth enamel. Additionally, crowded or overlapping teeth create tight spaces where food particles can become trapped, leading to further build-up of harmful bacteria and tooth decay.

Gum Disease

One significant concern connected to crowded teeth is an increased risk of contracting gum disease. When teeth are not aligned correctly, it can create pockets in the gums where bacteria can thrive. Additionally, misaligned teeth can make it challenging to clean between them properly, allowing plaque to build up and harden into tartar in the gum pockets. Tartar is stubborn and cannot be removed with regular brushing or flossing, requiring professional intervention. If ignored, tartar buildup can lead to inflammation and infection of the tissue, triggering gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. 

Tooth Loss

Shockingly, orthodontic misalignment can be a significant contributor to tooth loss, and it’s essential to take notice of the signs of this condition before it becomes too severe. When our teeth don’t line up correctly, too much pressure is placed on certain teeth and not enough on others. Over time, this uneven pressure can cause the misaligned teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. Additionally, the surrounding teeth can shift to try and “fill the gap,” which can create a chain reaction that leads to further misalignment and tooth loss.

Jaw Problems

Dental misalignment could cause a chain reaction of complications for the jaw. If teeth are crowded or mismatched, they can place excessive pressure on the jawbone. This pressure imbalances the jawbone’s structure, causing the jaw to shift or move in irregular ways. This irregular movement can result in difficulties when biting, chewing, and speaking, as well as causing soreness and pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that opens and closes your mouth. Not only that, but jaw misalignment could even lead to tooth loss and gum recession over time. Therefore, it is crucial to seek orthodontic treatment as early as possible to prevent further damage to the jaw.

Our Orthodontist in San Antonio Can Care For Your Smile

It’s crucial to seek treatment for orthodontic issues early on in order to prevent these adverse consequences from occurring. Taking care of our teeth is vital, and orthodontics plays a significant role in achieving and maintaining a healthy smile. By ensuring proper distribution of pressure across all teeth, we can maintain healthy teeth, gums, and joints in the long term. If you need to meet with a trusted orthodontist in San Antonio, contact Schatz Orthodontics. Dr. Schatz offers orthodontic services for patients of all ages and looks forward to helping you have a healthier mouth through a straight smile.

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