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The Importance of Wearing Your Retainer

Orthodontic Retainer

You’ve completed your treatment in braces or Invisalign – congratulations! Now that you have a straight and beautiful smile, don’t make the mistake of not wearing your retainer. Contrary to what you may assume, the retention phase (wearing your retainer) is an important part of your overall orthodontic treatment.

Once your braces come off, your teeth are not guaranteed to stay in place forever. While some minor teeth shifting is normal and expected in the initial period after braces are removed, you’ll need to wear your retainer and pay attention to certain habits if you want to prevent major teeth movement.

When to Worry About Teeth Shifting

If you are wearing your retainer just as your orthodontist prescribed and still experiencing some teeth movement after that initial timeframe, you may need to talk to your orthodontist and investigate the cause. Teeth can shift despite your diligent wear of your retainer for the following reasons:

  • Age – Is your jaw still growing and changing?
  • Oral Habit – Do you clench or grind your teeth? Are you pressing your tongue against the back of your teeth without realizing it?
  • Poor-Fitting Retainer – Does your retainer still fit like it did when you got it? Is it loose or too tight in certain areas?

Don’t Ignore Major Tooth Movement

If you are concerned that your teeth are migrating back to their position before wearing braces, don’t dismiss it. You’ve spent time and money in your orthodontic treatment. At Schatz Orthodontics, we want to evaluate any type of major tooth movement – regardless of how long it has been since you’ve been in braces. The earlier we see you, the more conservatively we can correct this unwanted tooth movement. It may be as simple as modifying the instructions for how you wear your retainer or adjusting the retainer itself.

At Schatz Orthodontics, we take pride in helping patients achieve and retain a straight smile! Keep in mind that just because your braces are off, it doesn’t mean you are done with your treatment. Call our clinic today to discuss your alignment concerns during the retention phase of your treatment.

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