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Mouthguards for Braces

The fact that you now need to wear braces does not automatically exclude you from playing sports. You can still play; however, it is important to protect your teeth and your new appliance. That is done by wearing a mouthguard. One specifically created to be worn with braces will provide the most protection.

There is a lot to get used to when you are new to braces. You will have to adjust to the feeling of having them on your teeth. You also will need to learn to care for your teeth and appliances in order to keep both healthy and in good shape. If you are active in sports, it is important to protect your teeth and braces since the potential for injury is now a little greater.

Types of Mouthguards

There are several types of mouthguards from which to choose. The important thing to realize is that the type of mouthguard you choose may affect the quality of protection provided. It is also important to check with coaches and instructors to find out if a specific type of mouthguard is required in order for the team or league insurance to cover any injuries. Some insurance companies only cover injuries if the mouthguard is custom-made for the patient by a dentist.

Also, ask if a double mouthguard is required. Both top and bottom teeth may need protection in some sports. Wrestlers are often required to wear this special type of mouthguard.

You can purchase mouthguards off-the-shelf that are made a little wider to accommodate braces. These mouthguards are more expensive than the regular types, but they are worth the cost. Ask for recommendations. Some of these mouthguards are flexible and some are the kind you boil and bite.

Many parents choose to get custom made mouthguards. These types of mouthguards are generally more comfortable than the others, and they can provide more protection. They are also more expensive, and you need to take that into account, since they will need to be replaced after your child has completed his or her orthodontic treatment. Dr. Schatz is happy to discuss options for mouthguards with you. Contact Schatz Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment.

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