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Schatz Orthodontics Patient Reviews

The staff is awesome. I don’t think I have ever been to a place (and this is my 3rd child in braces) where nobody is ever having a bad day. I have been going to Schatz Orthodontics for 6 yrs. and we have never had to wait to be seen. We are typically in and out in less than 30 min. Both of my boys have been out of braces for 3 and 5 yrs respectively with no issues. Schatz Orthodontics can take a not so exciting experience and make it really enjoyable from the front door on. The kids dental chairs are situated in front of a picture window overlooking downtown San Antonio ( 20 mi away) or they could look up towards the ceiling to see the latest and greatest movies. Parents get to relax in front of another picture window or stay tuned to a big screen and enjoy coffee/tea, a light snack and surf the web. iPad provided.

Cathy B.Mother of Patient

It was fun coming here. The staff made us feel like we belonged and were welcomed. We will be back with our next daughter!

Patrice C.Mother of Patient

Dr. Schatz and the entire staff was a joy to work with each month. We rate our experience as exceptional and far above expectations. Thank you so much!

Symone S.Mother of Patient

Katie felt so comfortable during this time. I was also pleased with the conservative manner in which her teeth were treated-waiting until the time is right!

Tammy C.Mother of Patient

It’s been a true pleasure. Just the fact that the staff was willing to work with our insane schedule is so appreciated.

Georganne L.Mother of Patient

We had a great experience with Schatz Orthodontics. They really make you feel like family.

Lynn N.Mother of Patient

This marks 4 years I’ve been with Schatz Orthodontics…and they are just great people. They know how to make you feel like a person, not just a patient. I commend them for actually retaining personal information for each one of their hundreds of patients. After I got my braces off the first time and my teeth shifted a bit, they were more than happy to put braces on again, following a different retainer. I am forever in their debt for truly promising to do whatever it takes to give you a perfect smile…and my smile is perfect!! I have no trouble admitting that much!

Sammy R.Patient

Schatz Orthodontics should be the benchmark for all health & dental services. Caring Beyond the Call of Duty!

Sylvia P.Patient

It is so refreshing to visit an office that is so organized and well run! Our whole experience has been great and my kid’s teeth look beautiful!

Kim P.Patient

Schatz Orthodontics was recommended to me by my dentist and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Schatz is very knowledgeable and also very easy to work with. In addition, all of his staff has always been friendly and courteous. I would recommend Schatz Orthodontics to anyone. In fact, both of my daughters have been customers. Thank you so very much for everything you all do. For my daughter, all the time we go she is so, excited to go for her appointment All she say is that everybody in the office is so very nice


Both my children had a great experience with this office, great atmosphere and comfortable. My kids would walk in with no hesitation or discomfort.

Regina R.Mother of Patient

We love our visits to see Dr. Schatz because we feel like we’re “on vacation” with the tropical setting and sunny, warm personalities of the staff. Dr. Schatz always includes the child and parent as part of the ortho-experience. They listen to their concerns and address them in a professional manner. Their knowledge and professionalism lead to amazing results! It is a pleasure to visit, and we always look forward to our next appointment.

Mother of Patient

I currently have a 15 year old in braces, and with her busy school, athletic, choir schedule, I have had to change many of her appointment times in the past year. The office staff is the best there is. They go above and beyond to meet my needs as well as my daughters. I am getting ready to put my 12 year old in braces as well, and would never think of going to another Orthodontic Group. Truly exceptional service and excellent care!

StephanieMother of Patient

Our son had his braces for two and half years and he looks great now with the braces off. Dr. Schatz and his staff always go above and beyond to meet the special needs of our son. They offered the best in compassion, patience and understanding for making him feel comfortable during the treatment time and afterwards. My son was not just another number in the mass of patients. They make us feel like extended family. Our daughter can’t wait to get her braces with Dr. Schatz when the time comes. Thank You to Dr. Schatz and your great staff.

Wyatt S.Father of Patient

As a mature adult and president of an emerging medical technology company, interacting with professional’s day in and day out, I was faced with the prospect of wearing braces again in order to have veneers placed on my two front teeth which had become chipped over time. The benefits of having my beautiful smile restored were compelling, so I starting researching which orthodontist could meet my requirements. You may not have been aware of the criteria upon which I based my decision, so I share it with you now. I was looking for an orthodontist and a team which could demonstrate to me the following characteristics: a consummate professional, experienced with the latest technology and equipment, experienced and had a track record with the Invisalign product, provided excellent quality of care, had a likeability factor along with a sense of humor, reasonably priced and a professional staff who could cheerfully cater to my dynamic and changing schedule. In an environment where attention to patient needs seems to be greatly lacking, I found that you and your team are reintroducing customer service. What a concept! I am extremely pleased with the outcome from my treatment with Invisalign. So, thumbs up, Dr. Schatz and team. You have my full confidence and I have a beautiful smile again. Thank you!

Diana F.Patient

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