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Invisalign Testimonials

invisalign aligners in a caseThe Invisalign® system of straightening teeth has revolutionized the way people get their teeth straightened. Read testimonials from the patients who have used Invisalign. Investing in this system of straightening your teeth can also be an investment in time, since less of it is required for upkeep. It is also an investment in your appearance, because with Invisalign aligners, people can hardly tell you are wearing them.

Patients experience less pain than with metal braces. There are fewer trips to the dentist since there are no wires to adjust, tighten or repair. You change the aligner sets every two weeks and make periodic visits to ensure the process is going as planned.

There are no dietary restrictions with the Invisalign system. Eat what you please when you please. Just remove your aligners, and pop them back in when you are finished eating. Oral hygiene is simple, too. All you need to do is remove your aligners to rinse them off, brush and floss as usual and put the aligners back in. There are no brackets or wires to clean. Our patient testimonials show how convenient and comfortable Invisalign aligners can be for anyone.
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What Our Patients Say about Invisalign Aligners

The reason I went with Invisalign is because I’m not a kid anymore. I didn’t want to look like a kid with braces on, and have the hassle of keeping them clean. There is a lot of work to keeping your teeth in good health when you have traditional braces.

Ione, Age 58
Administrative Assistant

I definitely smile a lot more. Even though I’m still in treatment, it has given me more confidence. It’s given me something to look forward to. I feel good about myself. I feel good that I have taken the steps to get these braces.

Daniel, Age 38

What I like best about Invisalign is the fact that I can take them out and floss and brush my teeth and put them back in. So, it’s not like I’m working around all this metal in my mouth, trying to get the toothbrush and floss in there.

Breanna, Age 20
Waitress & Student

I would not have gone the regular braces route because I am in a customer-facing position. I’m in the high-tech industry, with a lot of people around me who are young and hip and moving and shaking. To be in management in a company with a mouthful of braces in front of customers and prospects and other executive partners, just wasn’t an option.

Gina, Age 31
Analyst Relations

At my age, to have the big metal train tracks in your mouth, I just figured I wouldn’t feel as comfortable as I would with something that was truly invisible. I really believe in the product. I’m kind of a walking, talking billboard for it.

William, Age 31
Investment Broker

I am absolutely, positively thrilled. The fact that I was done with it in less than a year, and really had no inconveniences whatsoever, makes me wonder why I even hesitated.

Vivian, Age 53

We are so pleased with AJ’s results. His teeth look great! We thank Dr. Schatz for taking such great care of AJ. The office is so well run, and the staff is wonderful to work with.

Julie F.6/20/2018

Everyone in the office is very personable and thoughtful.

Gail B.6/12/2018

Always enjoy our visits. Very kind, professional staff. Thank you for the cake to celebrate no more braces!!

Zachary P.5/23/2018

Best orthodontist EVER. Caring, professional, flexible and affordable!

Jennifer O.3/6/2018

I’m so glad we chose Schatz Orthodontics for our 2 daughter’s braces. Dr. Schatz is fantastic as is his office staff. Each visit has been a positive experience.

Janet B.1/30/2018

My son looks great!! The process was long, but well worth it! The doctor and staff are always friendly and helpful and the appointments were always quick!

Tracey M.12/12/2017

The staff at the office is always friendly and welcoming. They run on time and make the office fun for kids to visit. The fun "surf" atmosphere combined with an amazing staff makes this orthodontist office one of a kind!

Joy H.9/27/2017

Great experience! Staff is so friendly and they thoroughly explain everything.

Kari K.9/26/2017

Always very nice and pleasant staff!

Macy A.9/20/2017

Dr. Schatz and his team are courteous and professional. The service provided is outstanding and caring. Dr. Schatz always makes my visit enjoyably, he engages in conversation dealing with the procedure and explains the process step by step. I recommend him for your orthodontics care.


We love Dr. Schatz! He is so patient with our 13 year old son.

Felicia R.3/30/2017

Every employee is very courteous and very willing to work with our family since we've been with them for about 6 months. Dr. Schatz is great with our daughter and she never has any complaints about being with any of the technicians. Scheduling is very smooth and we are ALWAYS seen as soon as we step in the door. Wait times average between 10-30 minutes. If the appointments are longer, we always know about it ahead of time so as to expect the long wait when we arrive. NOTHING BUT A BIG "HANG TEN" FROM THIS NORTHEAST SIDE FAMILY!!!!!

Robert T.3/24/2017

Great practice with terrific service!

Christine L.3/23/2017

This was my first visit in almost 10 years. Dr. Schatz and staff were still the same friendly, professional, people that I knew back those many years ago. Dr. Schatz and Ida took very good care of me during this visit. If you are looking for an orthodontist, Dr. Schatz and his staff are the ones to call. They are great with adults and CHILDREN TOO!!!

Andy H.3/23/2017

This is the best run office!! A great doctor and kind and helpful staff that go above and beyond to help their patients. I work with doctor offices all over south Texas, trust me, this is a group of over achievers. Always a wonderful experience!!

Tina P.3/21/2017

They are always very friendly and make the visit fun! They also explain what they are going to do which makes it helpful.

Jewelia O.3/15/2017

First time here and it was great! The entire staff is wonderful!

Terry M.3/1/2017

A wire came loose on one side of my mouth on Sunday. Dr. Schatz was able to see me Monday morning. Instead of just putting the old wire back in, they put in a stronger one and wired it in place to make sure it would stay put. Everyone on staff is always very helpful, and they seem to enjoy working there. It's a great atmosphere! Can't recommend them highly enough!

Sanna L.2/28/2017

We had an appointment and loves the office.

Michelle C.2/21/2017

The staff are extremely courteous, helpful and provide flexible appointment times. Dr. Schatz answered all my questions about my treatment and helped ease my concerns. I look forward to working with Dr. Schatz and his staff during my treatment.

Joyce F.2/14/2017

Everyone in this office was helpful. They were punctual and pleasant!

Teri V.2/9/2017

All of the staff are excellent. All are friendly personable and professional. I enjoy the fact that they remember you and establish a relationship with each patient.

Gail B.1/28/2017

I appreciate the advice and professionalism of Dr. Schatz. I received conflicting ideas from other orthodontists about the space issues for adult teeth for my 10-year-old daughter. His wait-and-see approach and insight made sense, and we will definitely return to this office!

Angela R.1/26/2017

thank you for helping to get my daughters smile back

Robert D.1/23/2017

Thank you for being nice and helping my teeth look pretty.

Addison Y.1/22/2017

You guys are truly the best of the best. Thank you for all that you do!

Asia S.1/12/2017

Always a wonderful atmosphere and sweet attitudes!

Holt L.1/11/2017

Dr. Schatz and Leslie and the whole team is super helpful and so nice. Gonna miss you all! Thank you SO MUCH!

Beverly V.1/10/2017

Excellent service, people and attitude. Dr. Schatz and his team are always amazing. Accurate, professional and fast. We love to go there. They always have a smile on their face.

Lizbeth G.12/14/2016

Everyone at Schatz is always so very kind and helpful along with being timely and professional.

Tina P.12/13/2016

The entire staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Schatz is friendly, conscientious and competent.

Jennifer R.11/29/2016

Our family is very grateful to Dr. Schatz and his wonderful gracious staff. We are very thankful to be patients of this incredible orthodontist team. God's Blessings.

Melissa F.10/21/2016

This is the best orthodontist around! From the second you walk in to the second you leave, the experienced and caring staff take care of you in a timely manner. It's almost a shame that they don't leave you to wait because the atmosphere is amazing! Make sure you contact them!!

Declan G.10/21/2016

My son really enjoyed going to see Dr. Schatz. The staff was friendly and personable. Overall the visit was awesome and informative.

Jennifer E.10/11/2016

Thank you Dr. Schatz for taking such good care of my two daughters. Their teeth look great. You did major magic on the jaw of one of them. Also, you gave me major advice for an implant on one of them yesterday. Your advice was given with such emotion and concern that it could have been for your own daughter. Thanks for caring so much for your patients.

Richard P S.9/30/2016

Awesome Doctor and great staff! They are always so patient with my son, who is special needs! My son loves coming to their office!

Stephanie G.9/28/2016

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I'm always seen on time which is important for a high schooler.

Holden W.9/22/2016

Just the usual excellent experience that we have come to expect. Dr. Schatz and staff are always helpful, professional, and thorough. Beautiful facility that my daughter looks forward to visiting, which is a big plus.

Paul W.9/2/2016

We love Schatz Orthodontics!!! We have been with them for about 8 mos and every visit is better than the last. Their staff is exceptional in every way! Thank you 'ALL' for the wonderful care!!!

Lisa H.8/11/2016

Ortho consult for my 10 y.o. went great. My son can't wait to go back. Dr. Schatz made a wonderful first impression

Carrie R.7/29/2016

Great place and great staff! I had braces during grad school from Dr. Bates, and my 2 kids and my best friend's daughter have all had terrific care and great results from Dr. Schatz. I highly recommend them!

Kerry D.7/22/2016

I cannot say enough positive things about this office. Premium experience from start to finish, every time, every one.

Meagan L.7/20/2016

Excellent service and people. The appointment was set up very fast, we got the quote the same day of the exam. Leslie was fantastic helping us get the appointment and documentation. Susan was very precise with her observations and Dr. Schatz amazing. All people are incredible and professional.

Faith G.7/13/2016

Dr. Schatz and his staff are always amazing. They are friendly from the front desk all the way into the chair! The atmosphere is fun and upbeat and their services are top notch! Stop looking for an orthodontist and go to Schatz!

Declan G.6/16/2016

The staff is always friendly and polite. I feel very comfortable and in good hands as they work on my braces. My only regret is that one day their task will be complete and I'll no longer have the pleasure of seeing them.

Shasta B.6/9/2016

Reviewed my before and after pictures. The results are truly teeth and smile are beautiful. I could not be happier with my results.

Michelle A.4/28/2016

Dr. Schatz and his team are the BEST! Every time we visit they are very friendly and professional. My daughter Loves them and so do I!

Lisa H.4/12/2016

Dr. Schatz is an amazing orthodontist. I came back for a follow-up retainer tightening appointment after having braces off for almost 5 years, and I was warmly welcomed. Dr. Schatz is just as invested in keeping my teeth straight as I am, even after so many years out of braces. It is a comfort to know that I can always come back for any orthodontics needs.

Sadie S.4/6/2016

Everyone at Schatz orthodontics is amazingly helpful and friendly! Absolutely recommend them to everyone looking for a reliable friendly orthodontist.

Amanda N.3/22/2016

This is probably the most organized, courteous and thorough business I have ever been too. I have been there several times over the past year for diagnostics for my son to monitor his growth and the ideal time to begin orthodontics. Dr. Schatz explained what he was waiting for and didn't charge for these diagnostic visits. My son is now in braces and we left with a good understanding of what will take place over the course of the next three years. His staff is very happy, friendly and prepared for your arrival and departure.

Karen C.2/27/2016

Always have had a great experience with this office from day one of the consult till now at the 4yr check up great office and staff

Jordyn E.1/19/2016

Great staff, very friendly and efficient. Kids love it too and my son's teeth look great. Now my daughters turn.

Alison D.12/3/2015

I went for a consult, and the staff was very nice and friendly. Dr. Schatz was thorough, and gave me his honest opinion of what would be the best treatment for me, as well as an option 2. It's nice to have 2 options when trying to make my decision. The office is super cute, with beach decor, and a comfortable setting. I'm glad I went to see him for a consult.

Ashley W.11/25/2015

Great visit! When we decided on the next step, they offered to put in the spacers immediately to save us an extra visit. The staff is so thoughtful and accommodating.

Emily B.10/22/2015

I love the way they treat me from the moment I walk through the door. They always make me feel welcomed and for that I am thankful.

Vanessa R.10/7/2015

I love my office visits because everyone is always nice and friendly. They care about me as a person and not just a patient and always ask how I am and about my activities!

Soleil G.10/6/2015

Very nice and comfortable atmosphere , the doctor is doing a real good job , ladies at the front desk are very helpful and work with our schedule , thanks everyone

Saliba A.10/2/2015

Always a great experience at Dr Schatz. He is very knowledgeable and takes his time never feel rushed. Staff is AMAZING most friendly and genuine ever.

Daniel S.10/1/2015

I am very pleased with my son's care. The staff is outstanding! We are so glad that we chose Dr. Shatz as our Orthodontist.

Dehann R.9/16/2015

Very good service .. Ida was wonderful with my daughter! She had braces put on yesterday. Dr . Schatz very kind and answered all questions!!

Susan W.8/13/2015

Very good I got my braces off sooner than expected. The staff are very nice. They help right away if I messed my braces up or had any discomfort.

Ira S.8/12/2015

My son Colton has been going to Dr. Schatz for the last couple of years. We have had the best experience there! I would recommend him to anyone! (And I have!) The ladies up front are always smiling and personable and the staff is always happy. The office is inviting and the best part is they are always on time! It is always a quick in and out! My son has felt comfortable there throughout the entire process. Dr. Schatz and staff--you all ROCK! Thank you!

Alison L.8/5/2015

The night before my son lost a piece to his braces and had and exposed wire poking against his lips. Next morning called and spoke with Leslie and was able to get in and out in 30 minutes. Get you in on a whim and back to enjoying our summer. Great service!!

Daniel R.8/3/2015

Schatz Orthodontics helped us when other orthodontic practices could not! At Schatz, we were given an immediate appointment and they rushed our retainer order to accommodate my child's busy schedule. I truly appreciate the special treatment provided by the staff. I LOVE SCHATZ ORTHODONTICS!!

Grace V.8/1/2015

My daughter's appointment was so quick! They are so efficient and kind! Love the front staff! They make scheduling easy and very accommodating for my work schedule!

Stephanie G.7/24/2015

My daughter my daughter and I felt so welcomed in Dr. Schatz's office. His staff instantly greeted my daughter by name when we walked in for her consultation appointment and explained what would happen next. The staff was all introduced to us and explained the breakdown costs to us once we decided to move forward. Dr. Schatz spoke directly to my daughter on her level (she is 10 years old) and to me as well. He told her all that they were suggesting and even if there was pain involved. I already LOVE this office and staff and we am looking forward to working with them on my daughters beautiful smile!

Melanie S.7/16/2015

Loved our experience! From the ease of making the appointment, to the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. We are glad we will be doing our treatment with Dr Schatz!

K M.7/15/2015

Today was my son's first day for Invisalign. Everyone in office made him feel comfortable and explained all the details clearly. We are looking forward to the year ahead with Dr.Schatz and his office.

Kelli T.7/15/2015

My daughter is loving her new braces. She described the appointment by saying that the friendly staff walked her through the entire process which made her feel very comfortable! The staff was remarkable, very pleasant and insightful - what more could you ask for? The overall experience was excellent!

Benita C.7/10/2015

We love coming here for our appointments. We never have to wait long and the office staff is so sweet and friendly.

Lauren C.5/28/2015

My daughter who has been very nervous in the past about any dental work was really comfortable and put at ease at this last visit. She is actually looking forward to her ortho work to be done. Ida really made her feel at home.

Kelley K.5/13/2015

I feel I had a great appointment yesterday. The staff is awesome, and they are so good about being very thorough with their job. I appreciated being taken back early since my dad and I arrived early. Before leaving the staff makes sure your mouth feels comfortable and if there is anything that does not feel right or if there is a problem they will take care of it right away. I am so glad my parents were recommended Dr. Schatz for our Ortho!

MAEGHAN J.5/13/2015

Schatz orthodontics did an outstanding job on my teeth! I'm very happy with my results, now I have a great smile! I always feel comfortable and welcomed. Communication is great here so I always know what's going on. Thanks!!!

Lindsey V.5/11/2015

I love going to Schatz Orthodontics. It is high quality care. The staff is wonderful and take much care of their patients.

Inez H.5/11/2015

Dr. Schatz and the entire staff are wonderful, my son was seen for a year and a half before treatment even began. I love that they didn't rush to get braces on, they did what was best for him in the time frame they thought was best. My son is out of braces and his smile looks fantastic. I am now going to him for my twin girls and they love it there also.

Amber H.4/4/2015

Always a pleasure! Mackenzie had a great time at her check up, even getting the office staff, and I think Dr. Schatz to join her in a little sing a long! Quick, pleasant experience!"

Melanie S.3/14/2015

Dr. Schatz and his staff are THE BEST!! They are funny, warm, and caring and PATIENT! I get nervous going to the dentist, but they really make it no big deal. I take my teenager to them also and we are both so happy that we chose them for our orthodontics! I highly recommend Dr. Schatz to anyone looking to improve their smile!

Wendi C.3/6/2015

As always, Dr. Schatz and his A-team of staff made our appointment quick, easy, and most importantly for my daughter fun! When my son comes due for his braces in a couple years, there is only one choice on where he is going. We recommend Dr. Schatz to all our friends and family!

Lynn S.3/4/2015

Every time my son needs a check up, it's in and out! Very professional and welcoming!!

Rachel J.12/16/2014

I arrived unscheduled and was greeted by a very welcome professional young women. She was prompt in answering my questions and getting me an appointment at the time I requested. Looking forward to my consultation.

Jeaine H.12/6/2014

Great customer service, wonderful atmosphere and excellent orthodontic work. My 11-year-old son never complains about going to the office. And, we were recently treated (along with other patients) to a night at the movies! Pretty awesome company!

Jane D.11/25/2014

We are completely thrilled with the care we are getting. I really appreciated Dr. Schatz calling me after Morgan's last visit to get me back into the loop on Morgan's care.

Morgan S.11/23/2014

Greeted with a smile and a very nice entrance. Great 1st impression!! Thank you for making Barrett's first experience a great one.

Barrett J.11/18/2014

We love this office! The office staff are always pleasant and Dr. Schatz takes the time to explain the process. This is a great place to be!

Rachel J.10/31/2014

Convenient location. Friendly clean office. Welcoming staff. Informative consultation from the dr. And my son loved that there were good snacks (came in right off the school bus). We will be back when he's age appropriate for those braces!

Julie B.10/17/2014

My son has not even had all of his braces put on, but with care , kindness and professionalism they have showed thus far i would recommend them without a second thought

Charles C.10/16/2014

Everything for my son was explain thoroughly. Pleasant and clean environment. Friendly staff.

Christy S.10/14/2014

Great office staff. I appreciate the fact that my son Logan was seen immediately when we ran into a minor problem with his braces. My daughter Kelley was a patient at this office and she enjoyed working with Ida. The office staff has worked with us on appointments and are friendly. We could have taken are son Logan to a different office but we knew we might not get the same service. Thank you for everything.

Carmen W.10/7/2014

Doctor Schatz and his staff are amazing! Every one at his office is always very nice and makes you feel comfortable. I am glad we chose Doctor Schatz.

Jacqui C.10/3/2014

Phase 1 complete! Thank you Dr. Schatz and your wonderful team for taking such excellent care of my son! He's thrilled with the outcome!

Priscilla M.10/1/2014

So far so good. It was only our first appointment and we discussed our options and costs. We decided to go forward with treatment and they were even able to fit us in right then to pop some rubber band spacers in. This was convenient to lessen our trips. Everyone was very nice.

Alison D.9/23/2014

I really look forward to every office visit because Dr. Schatz is very friendly and outgoing and knows how to make us kids feel like he knows us personally. The entire staff has made me feel welcomed. I want to thank each and every one of them for the great service they provide and in making me comfortable and excited about the future of my smile.

Alyssa G.9/14/2014

A little over three years ago I met Dr. Shatz. I walked into his office in need of his help. It was right at the end of summer and the start of my senior year. Not only was I afraid to get braces for the second time but I was also embarrassed to have them on during my biggest year of my high school career. Over whelmed and in tears Dr. Shatz assured me that it will be ok and the results will be well worth it. At the expense of two years of my time I achieved a life long beautiful smile. With the help of Dr. Shatz and his incredible staff I have a reason to smile. I'd love to thank them for their help and guidance and would recommend Dr. Shatz to anyone who would like to seek orthodontic treatment and let them see first had how wonderful him and his staff is.

Ashley S.9/9/2014

My daughter has loved her experience with Schatz Orthodontics so far! The staff is extremely supportive and make it a fun experience for the patients. My daughter is actually excited to be getting braces! Dr. Schatz takes his time with us to explain all of our options. We couldn't ask for better!

Amy S.9/8/2014

I started taking my daughter Zoe to Dr. Schatz at the end of June for braces. There was nothing serious, she just wanted straighter teeth. The staff has been super friendly and she is always seen right on time. We get in and out when she needs them tightened and the 7 am appointments work with my work schedule. I had heard about him from my office manager who took all three of her kids to him and was very happy. Even my neice and nephew saw him which I didn't find out until after we first saw him. So far I don't have a single complaint and would highly recommend them to everyone!

Melissa K.8/29/2014

We have been taking my son to Dr. Schatz for over a year now and we could not be more pleased with his services and professionalism. Dr. Schatz is extremely efficient and there's never a wait. His staff is always very friendly and they seem to really care about my son's well being. We are extremely happy with the outcome so far!

Priscilla M.8/26/2014

Dr. Schatz finished up on youngest son's braces. His office staff is friendly, helpful and professional. Dr. Schatz is a caring a compassionate orthodontist. He is interested in our son's school and extra curricular activities. We highly recommend him!

Jill B. 8/26/2014

Both of my daughters have gone to Dr. Schatz for their orthodontic care. He is a wonderful,caring doctor that takes the time to explain things to the parents so that they understand what and why he is doing.The staff is very friendly and always seem to have smiles on their faces ! I couldn't think of ever going to another orthodontist !!

Jolene B.8/26/2014

Liby has been seeing Dr. Schatz for a few years. He is one of the nicest and is full of patience. Considering she was a thumb suck her teeth have come a long way. Thanks to Dr. Schatz, Liby now has a whole lot of confidence and has the biggest most beautiful smile. Office visits have been great! Everyone there is so nice. I totally recommend this place to anyone needing braces. THANKS Schatz orthodontics!

Liby D.8/20/2014

My second kiddo just started her treatment and we are very excited... awesome office, amazing staff Thank Y'all so much

Lisa G.8/19/2014

We arrived 10 minutes early for our 7:30 appointment and were taken right back. Everyone was very friendly and went out of their way to make sure my 7 year old was not anxious and comfortable. Dr. Schatz and his staff were all wonderful.

Lita K.8/15/2014

We love the team at Schatz Orthodontics so much that we came back when our youngest daughter needed braces. Our oldest was treated by Schatz Orthodontics when she was in 7th grade and is heading off to college; her teeth are still beautiful and straight and she gets compliments on her smile all the time. When it was time for our youngest to get braces (she is also going into 7th grade), there was no question on where we would take her. The ladies at Schatz Orthodontics are always friendly and make you feel like your child is their only patient and Dr. Schatz explains the treatment to you in terms that are understandable to a person that is not familiar with orthodontics. Always a pleasure to go in for the appointments and always acknowledged as soon as we walk in the door. I highly recommend Dr.Schatz and his team of professionals!!

Michelle Y.8/14/2014

I liked Dr Schatz honesty with Samuel about his teeth needing to wait till he's about 13. Appreciate that.

Sarah M.8/12/2014

As always, Dr Schatz and his staff make both me and my daughter smile!

Lynn S.8/6/2014

Dr Schatz is always professional and has excellent bedside manner. His staff is always so pleasant and the wait time is never long at all. We highly recommend this clinic!

Patricia D.8/6/2014

Dr. Schatz and his staff are the best! They are very professional and caring. They are also very efficient. I love the fact that when we have an appointment, we are in and out in a very timely manner. We are always greeted with a friendly smile and conversation from the ladies at the front desk. Dr. Schatz is such a kind and caring person. We have referred many of our friends to Dr. Schatz. We are very thankful that we chose him to provide orthodontic care for our children.

Patti T.8/4/2014

You guys ROCK! I had braces in my 20s from Dr. Bates, and since then I have taken both my kids there and have had great results from Dr. Schatz. My best friend's daughter also sees Dr. Schatz. The whole staff treats us like family! Such a great bunch of people!

Kerry D.7/30/2014

Every time we see Dr. Schatz and his staff, they are wonderful! Smiling, friendly, thorough and welcoming. Charlie loves the office and its vibe, but he is a bit apprehensive when it comes to dental work. Somehow he always leaves with a smile on his face and is happy to go back! That's worth a lot to us!

Karie P.7/16/2014

I have always had a good experience here. The doctor is very patient and the staff is also very friendly and helpful.

Shweta N.7/15/2014

Starting at our initial visit and going all the way through the 2 1/2 years that Dallas had his braces on, our experience was wonderful!!! Both the doctor and the staff kept us informed, were kind and were lovely to deal with! But the best part is the beautiful transformation of Dallas' smile, all that was done was exactly what he needed and now is so very handsome! See y'all when our next kiddo is ready to get their best smile on!!

Tina P.7/14/2014

Dr. Schatz is an incredible orthodontist! He is always smiling and happy! His offices are so cool and beachy. I love my smile and it is all because of him. Dr.Schatz's front desk ladies and assistants are so helpful and nice too! A lot of my friends go to Dr. Schatz , even my little brother. I would tell anyone that needs braces to call Dr. Schatz's office.

Rachel A.7/14/2014

My daughter, Katie, had an expander and top braces at Schatz Orthodontics. Although she was only 8, the staff made her feel comfortable every step of the way. It was a great experience! I can't wait to take my other daughter when it is time for her braces.

Janet B.7/14/2014

I was a total baby when it came to the dentist so Dr. Schatz and his staff were a total blessing to me and my family when it came time for orthodontics. Finally an appointment that I didn't have to dread going to. A convienent, friendly and very comfortable atmosphere. I recommend them to everyone!!!

Ronald L.7/14/2014

I was with Dr.Schatz for about two and a half years. I went through braces and had many things done to my mouth. From a jaw expander to jaw surgery. Every moment spent in my braces in these years was honestly comfortable and enjoyable thanks to them. I never had a bad experience with them. I reccomend them to anybody I know and fully trusted them with my smile. My best memory of this orthodontic group was when I popped a bracket on Christmas Eve right after jaw surgery. It's the only bracket I had ever popped and having just underwent a major surgery I was nervous that something so minute could ruin everything I just did. We called the office and it gave us his personal number to call in case of emergency because they were obviously closed. My mom called Dr. Schatz and to our surprise he answered and let us know all would be well and not to worry about it. For an orthodontist to answer on Christmas Eve is a blessing. He is a very caring person and shows it every time your in the office. Honestly the entire staff truly cares about there job and there patients. I am extremely blessed to have gone here and be able to say my smile came from Schatz Orthodontics. Such a great place and such amazing people. I have heard so many horror stories from friends and I am so glad I do not have that kind of story. My teeth and jaw came out so perfect and after three years I am still very happy with my smile. I get so many compliments thanks to them! I highly, highly reccomend this place and hold them in high regard.

Victoria T.7/14/2014

Dr Schatz and his team are amazing! The office is fun to visit. It is challenging for both the parent and child when your child is going through wearing braces. It never mattered what the situation was when I called, the team was so understanding and worked us in right away. Dr Schatz is so kind and made my daughter very comfortable. She now has straight beautiful teeth and always tells her friends to go see Dr Schatz.

Shari H.7/14/2014

Outstanding! !!!! The doctor explained everything from cost to the process and plan for our son. The staff were always pleasant and knowledgeable about my son health and concerns. When we walk in we're treated like family. The office is so clean and has activities to keep the other kids busy while we're waiting.

Randy S.7/14/2014

Love this orthodonist and his kind staff. My daughter has always been very hesitant about dentists but not this one. Dr. Schatz and staff always make her feel very comfortable, give her nice compliments about her braces and offer a positive outlook on what procedures she will have to have in the future. Thank you for giving my daughter confidence in her smile!!!

Lisa B.7/14/2014

Noah: Cool place, nice staff and they give me rubber bands that are my school colors! Lots of my friends go there too! Mom: Very attentive, thorough in care plan. Staff is very competent. You can tell they are parents and service us like they would want their child treated! Keep up the good work!"

Noah T.7/14/2014

I came in as a transfer patient for a consultation. Everyone was very nice and friendly and explained everything. They also squeezed me in right then for an adjustment.

Dominique M.7/10/2014

My sister has been going to Dr. Schatz for a long time, since she was like 8 years old, long enough ago to when Dr. Bates was there! I came in about two years ago with the worst teeth , and the worst overbite, and since then every time i go in, it is nothing but an encouraging environment they remember names, and have an actual interest in you, making sure that you are always comfortable and in the least amount of pain possible. i love being able to track my progress since i came into their care, and i love how excited they are about my progress! Dr. Schatz and all of the employees down to the wonderful ladies in the front are all so nice and sweet, i would not want to go anywhere else

Cora M.7/8/2014

All 3 of my girls have been treated by Dr Schatz. Every time we have been happy with both the results of their orthodontic care and the efficiency of the office staff. Highly recommend Dr Schatz and staff!

Carrie P.7/2/2014

Dr. Schatz's office staff is very friendly, and have made my daughter feel very comfortable. We arrived for an appointment, and Dr. Schatz was able to fit me in last minute for an upper retainer adjustment, and to actually put in a permanent lower retainer. They have been very helpful with scheduling appointments around my busy schedule, and my daughter always looks forward to her next office visit.

Shannon S.6/25/2014

Lydia-The doctor was really nice and spoke with knowledge, the receptionist was really nice to me. Parent- Staff and Orthodontist were accommodating, professional, and pleasant. I really enjoyed the visit and will highly recommend. Thank you!

Lydia W.6/17/2014

Dr. Schatz and his office staff were very friendly. I'm excited about getting my new braces, and for Dr. Schatz being my Orthondontist!

McKenna S.6/17/2014

As always, Dr. Schatz and his staff were friendly, professional, and informative. We were in and out quickly with no wait time. I am amazed that Dr. Schatz always remembers details about our family and asks about us. He is a wonderful doctor and I highly recommend his office to anyone needing orthodontic work.

Brandy H.6/6/2014

Dr Schatz and his staff are amazing! They are always so friendly, helpful and timely!

Charmagne C.6/6/2014

Everyone there is so nice and welcoming. They always make my very shy daughter feel at ease. They are great!

Jenifer M.6/5/2014

I am so pleased with the improvement in my son's smile and have thoroughly enjoyed Schatz Ortho. They're so professional and up-to-date.

Lisa M.6/3/2014

Best service that I've ever gotten anywhere for any place. The workers are really nice and caring. They couldn't have done a better job. They also treated me as if I was there own child by being kind & giving me a wide range of options with everything. It was the best. I honestly really enjoyed and looked forward to going here every time I had an appointment! This place is the best place to get your teeth starightened out.

Noah G.5/19/2014

Amazing orthodontist who is meticulous about his work! Everything must be perfect and I love that he insists on making sure every "t" is crossed and every "i" is dotted! The staff is always amazingly nice and courteous and remember all their patients as soon as they walk in.

Elisa L.5/12/2014

We've had an introductory meeting to discuss my son's Orthodontic needs with Dr.Schatz. We find him, as well as his staff, very nice, personable, helpful and friendly. And we hope to come back to start the treatment.

Olga K.5/7/2014

After researching several orthodontists in our area back in 2008, we chose Dr. Schatz. His calm, caring & confident demeanor was a perfect fit for our family. The staff is amazing-always friendly and welcoming! Fast forward to 2014, 2 girls with beautiful smiles and now me in braces!! I highly recommend this office!

Laurie B.5/6/2014

Love the staff! Got my bracket off my lower back portion of my teeth! Yay!!!

Daisy C.5/2/2014

Everyone was always so willing to help me and explain everything to me, and it was nice to be treated like royalty. Everyone was always friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Lauren K.5/1/2014

Dr. Schatz and his team are super efficient! We never have to wait and they take such excellent care of my baby! Always a positive experience!

Priscilla M.4/29/2014

I have been so happy with Schatz Orthodontics. My son's mouth looks fantastic, the staff is very nice and helpful and Dr. Schatz is so personable.

Lisa M.4/17/2014

We just had our first visit/consultation for my daughter, and we were so impressed! Everyone was so lovely! They were so great with my daughter who is 6,and our nerves were quickly put at ease! Dr. Schatz was amazing,and showed a genuine interest in my daughter and what would be best for her. So thankful to have found Schatz Orthodonics!

Bliss N.4/16/2014

Emily is so proud of her new smile. Dr. Schatz and his team are great!

Shari H.4/9/2014

Everytime I go to an appointment, the wonderful staff always welcomes me. I know whenever I go to Dr. Schatz I will be treated well and with care. They're always kind and fun to be around

Katelyn W.4/8/2014

Amazing staff takes such great care of their patients! You can tell by the way they operate, they see each patient as a part of the Schatz family! Thank you for all that each of you do!

Linda B.4/8/2014

I always enjoy going here. This time we talked Enders Game since I had the book with me. They are really cool. They always seem to take a real interest in me. It makes me feel good. It makes the appointments easier to go to. They don't treat me like a kid. I love this place!

Madison B.4/5/2014

My daughter loves going to her appointment. The office is fun and her mouth and teeth are looking better every month.

Alfred B.4/1/2014

Two daughters in braces....eldest had hers taken off today - yippee! We have been so happy with how the whole course of treatment has been handled. Great office staff, assistants, and of course the best Orthodontist. Love how you made Kennedy feel so special today - thank you!

Donna A.3/18/2014

A few years ago I got braces and was extremely please with the service that I received. I was very impressed by the wonderful staff that I then returned with my daughter to have them treat her as well. The best customer service that you can ever ask for, always making every feel welcome and just like family. Keep up the great work! Highly recommeded to anyone and everyone!

Rachel G.3/18/2014

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