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Orthodontic Care
in San Antonio

Optimal oral health includes more than avoiding dental decay and gum disease. Maintaining a good bite and correcting misalignments are also important for oral health. Misaligned teeth can lead to other problems such as gum disease, speech problems and eating difficulties. Orthodontic care can correct these issues and complete your oral health profile.

Schatz Orthodontics provides all your orthodontic needs. You can attain your best smile when we correct misalignment, crooked teeth, irregular bite or other orthodontic problems. Our team works with all levels of orthodontic issues, from mild to severe.

Serving All Ages with Exceptional Orthodontic Care

At Schatz Orthodontics, we help create beautiful smiles for young and old alike. Whether you have a slight misalignment of a few teeth or a severe crossbite that needs correction, our team will help you achieve your best smile. We provide exceptional orthodontic care, beginning around age seven. Many of our patients are older adults who did not have braces as a child but have made the decision to get their teeth straightened now.

In addition to the standard orthodontic procedures, we also provide other services. Click on the links below for additional information about:

Not all orthodontic treatments are simple and straightforward. Some can be very complex and require surgery. Dr. Schatz works with experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons to ensure the best outcomes for each patient who undergoes orthodontic surgery.

Getting braces is a big deal, and athletes may be concerned that it can sideline their time on the field. With the proper mouthguard to protect your teeth and your appliance, there is no reason why you cannot continue to play. Talk to us about a customized mouth guard.

You may not expect to have an emergency with orthodontic treatment, but things can happen. We make recommendations for some immediate fixes just until you can get to our office. Emergency care is available for those who require it. Give us a call, and let us know the details of your emergency.

Do you have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you cannot find your answers there, give us a call, or better yet, contact us to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Schatz.

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