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Got Braces? Ditch the Soda!

Soda Cans

If you are wearing traditional braces, you probably know to stay away from certain foods like nuts, popcorn and sticky candy. But what about your drink? Some of the same… Read more

Is Your Child in Sports With Braces?

Child With Mouthguard for Sports

Countless teens undergo orthodontic treatment during middle school and high school. A large majority of these young patients are also athletes or involved in some level of sports. Whether you… Read more

The Importance of Fluoride While in Braces

Girl With Braces

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you’ll undoubtedly hear about the importance of taking care of your teeth and gums during treatment. While braces do a remarkable job at straightening… Read more

Your Child’s Expander: What To Expect

Teen With Braces from Schatz Orthodontics

Contrary to what you may assume, orthodontic treatment doesn’t just involve braces. There are specific times in which orthodontic appliances are utilized to help the teeth move into their ideal… Read more

Invisalign: A Top Choice for Teens

Clear Aligners

The thought of bulky metal braces can be a real threat to your self-esteem and eating habits – especially if you are a teenager. If you have a middle school… Read more

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