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Keeping teeth clean with braces

Beautiful young blonde girl wearing dental braces.

Maintaining a clean mouth is absolutely crucial when you have braces. Braces provide more places for food to hide, get stuck, and decay. Yuck! A clean mouth will help ensure… Read more

Two Phase Treatment

Satisfied relaxed young woman in a dental chair after fluoride treatment.

Schatz Orthodontics of San Antonio, TX is an orthodontic office which uses the two phase treatment method (among other available methods) for aligning a child’s teeth. Dr. Eric Schatz is… Read more

Adult Orthodontics – Are You a Candidate?

A smiling woman with orthodontic braces on teeth.

There is no right or wrong time to get orthodontic treatment. Although children and adolescents are most often thought of as ideal orthodontic patients, an increasing number of adults are… Read more

Types of Braces

Young Asian woman wearing dental braces.

If you long for a straighter smile, orthodontic treatment can turn your hopes into a reality. In the past, options for treatment were limited and incompatible for certain patients’ lifestyles… Read more

Welcome to Our Blog

Schatz Orthodontics

Welcome to our blog! Be sure to check back on updates regarding orthodontics and events occurring in our office!

Planning Your Journey

When you’re planning a trip, there are some obvious things you need to do: Develop a timeline Plan the best route to your destination Pack all the right things to… Read more

Early Prevention

What is the difference between early orthodontic evaluation and early orthodontic treatment? Why might my child need early treatment? How will early treatment benefit my child in the long-run? These… Read more

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